If you had a restaurant I would eat there regularly!. The chicken was wonderful!!! Really. It was great! It was perfect! Moist and tender. The best I've ever had. The portion was huge.  I ate every morsel except the lemon rind. Every crumb. It all was terrific. Really special!

As soon as my gift certificate runs out I will become a cash customer. I decided last night that I deserve a meal like that on a somewhat regular basis. I don't really like restaurants for the most part but your meals are great food without the restaurant hassle.  I think a gift certificate would make a great gift for my sister too. Thanks again! 

Fred Pierce
Keep the extra as a tip …. it’s worth it to me having great meals to eat during this busy time of the year.  You can’t imagine how wonderful it is!   
Jean C.
I’ve been ordering from Mother’s Nature since day 1. I’ve been very satisfied with not only the quality and taste of the food I order but also the smooth delivery process. What got me most interested in ordering from Mother’s Nature is many of the entrees are prepared and cooked to be far more healthy than similar prepared (boxed) entrees found in grocery stores that contain a list of ingredients one cannot even pronounce. 

Talk about convenience and affordability for the best quality, taste, and health. When I'm not traveling, I order 100% of my meals from Mother's Nature. That should about tell the story of client satisfaction!  

I am a loyal, happy fan of Mothers Nature food. I am a busy full time employee, and too tired to cook when I get home.  The whole concept of this company is fantastic. I come home from work and there is a cooler full of tasty meals that are already prepared. I just pop one in the microwave after work…and a delicious meal is ready in minutes.

The best part is the ingredients are all  fresh, locally grown and without added preservatives. The portions are large and the pricing is very reasonable for the quality. I love love love the soups and pizza. Order every time. Have recently been trying some of the gluten free items..they are equally delicious and better for you. I am a big fan of these restaurant quality meals….easy, healthy and mouth watering. I highly recommend anyone gives them a try.


Just LOVE Mother Nature!  Kathy combines the art of being highly personable with her customers, while maintaining professional integrity to meet her customer's needs with service and quality of meals. 

We order everything organic, free range, hormone free, wild-caught only Alaskan Salmon, locally grown (if possible) options, etc.  She meets every need, request, or question we have about the origin of her food sources, often right down to her personal relationships with local farmers!   Mother's Nature Foods is an AMAZING cutting edge option that one can usually only find in niche big city markets restaurants. 

Our family has tried and enjoyed just about every one of Kathy's meals that are lovingly prepared.  It is fun to see her menu change, incorporating her passion for food, health, amazing values & creative new ideas!

The ease of having all of this delivered to our doorstep is unbelievably wonderful for our very busy family.  Thank you for providing this service!

‘My Dad is going nuts for the (gluten-free) chicken and taters and we are all so grateful to you dear one!’ 


‘We're looking forward to more of your delicious food!’ 

‘….. someone brought me your pie and it was honestly the best gluten free pie I have had.  I wanted to have more so I looked you up and am excited to try some of your other food’.  

‘SHE LOVES THE MEALS! It has been great! We are hoping she will order directly but we would love to do this for Christmas too. So let us know what those dates would be. This time we will remember to order some for ourselves!’  

‘Kathy, thank you so much for your wonderful lunch on Saturday. All the guests raved about the delicious food. You did a super job’. 

“Kathy’s excellent meals to my Dad have been such a huge blessing to our family these past many months. They make a big difference in the quality of his life, and he depends upon them. Recently they met, and soon Kathy will be delivering directly to Dad with wonderful meals and the bonus of a friendly visit”.
Our family is so grateful for the beautiful and nutritious food that Kathy makes! The food itself is so delicious, is made with great care and is an incredible value. What a gift! In addition we have the pleasure of knowing that we are buying local, the product is fresh, and working with Kathy is an added delight.

For our father, who is no longer driving and is not able to go get groceries himself, having such healthy and delicious food conveniently available in his freezer provides such a  sense of enjoyment and security. It has made living independently much easier and more sustainable. It is really hard to express in words how much this means to our family.

Andrea Gerasimo