Complete the Order Form below and Submit. Note there are 20 individual slots, each representing one menu item. If you are ordering more, you can list them in the Additional Menu Items space or you can submit another order form.

You'll receive an email confirming your order, and again at a later date with a final price, and to determine delivery details. The delivery fee is 15% in addition to the order total (less depending upon location). Optionally, orders can be picked up by the customer to eliminate the delivery fee.Special mail-order options can also be discussed.
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Note: Many entree side dishes are interchangeable (e.g. a rice side rather than pasta). Make these requests in "Comments/Special Instructions" box at the bottom of the order form.


Simply order as usual from the drop-down order numbers, then make a note in the “special instructions” box below indicating family-size orders.

For larger group orders, please contact me.